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As you can see, sliding wardrobes can have a really wide range of applications. Frequently requested for the bedroom as a dressing room, prove themselves in other areas and can be used not only for storing clothes. Short clothes require rods mounted at a height of 1.10 m for short clothes racks can be mounted on two levels. The length of the rod depends on its strength. Too long will bend, but it is the council, because you can use the stand in the middle with a nice chrome hitch. All rods for hanging clothes in the dressing room should be moved away from the wall or the back of the plate at a distance of at least 40 cm. Sliding wardrobes are often also used as a bookcase. No major problems can be ordered with a sliding glass door cabinets. As a result, our library will be well exposed, and we will not have to go so often to vacuum. Sliding Wardrobes for several years, are becoming increasingly popular on the Polish market. The greatest advantage is the efficient use of space both inside and outside the cabinet. Users do not need przeiwdywać extra space for opening the wings, which also tend to be cumbersome. First, I wanted to explain the difference between "Wardrobe" and "wardrobe". We often have to deal with so-called built-in wardrobes. Installation is that most often Papers cavity or paints in the center inserts several shelves and bars. Oblistwowuje cavity and inserted a piece of rail. We have the impression that the closet door, saying simply: we drive across the floor. This solution is not completely practical. The measure still be filthy closet and wash the walls is a real challenge. It looks ugly, and not aesthetically pleasing to the performance of the most common is weak. Dressing is a separate room where we can pick and keep clean sheets and our clothes. For some it is a dream and the others can not imagine that she was gone. The third advantage of practical concerns. Sliding doors require virtually no additional space in the room. Can be used even in small spaces. In a narrow corridor or hallway closet sliding the ideal solution. Placing the sliding door mechanism requires an increase in the depth of the cabinet of 10cm. And that's it. In the immediate vicinity of the closet, you can set up the bed or table. No extra space is required for opening the cabinet is carried out within the cabinet by moving the door leaf. When planning a renovation of the old or buying a new apartment certainly should consider hiring a professional in the field of interior design. The cost of such a project often turns out to be small compared to the effect that we can get through the professional help of a designer. Projects kitchen, built-in cupboards, wardrobes, bathroom furniture etc. so the essential elements of an apartment that their functional and robust performance will certainly guarantee satisfaction with the entire investment. One has to remember that arranged the apartment, which we often use for several years. It is worth spending a bit of time and resources to make this "use" myself up while away. Small wardrobe system have cupboards and shelves on one wall in order to fit two people in it. Larger most often have the shape of the letter "L" and are divided into sectors. For women and men. Of course, part of the women is always greater, although sometimes the opposite is true. It is also the part of the women's dressing room must contain more shelves in it and put forward as well as drawers for underwear. Here you should carefully discuss the lady of the house needs. Small lockers are very necessary even for storing jewelry. Small cabinets or drawers are needed even after it in the dressing room to keep law and order. What is very important and often overlooked is adequate ventilation wardrobe. It is located in the footwear and outerwear, we use less often than others. Wardrobe, we can not ventilate smells bad time, so ventilation is needed. Another interesting solution on the occasion of the sliding door in our closet is possibility to design them in a modular system, which means that each wing can consist of several different colors and materials. We no longer need to equip the entire wing in the mirror, and only, for example, the central module that both the top and bottom will be surrounded by a different color. Modules open field for designers who can use them in different configurations, with excellent aesthetic results.

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